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Domain Name Registration

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Safest and reliable domain name registration in India

We have the best domain name registration interface at eWebGuru at very cheap prices for purchase. With us, you can purchase any number of trending domains at affordable prices. Choosing the best and a catchy domain name is the first stepping stone of entering into a successful online business. We give you the privilege of choosing your own domain by suggesting other domains as well, analyzing the competition.

We protect your domain name and remind you of prior renewals so that you will not lose it forever. We also understand your business type and services and send you emails with other domain names that suit your business and are available with us, for registration. 

By choosing eWebGuru for registering your domain, you can able to get

  • Easy Domain Setup
  • It’s so Simple, No Technical Skills
  • Advanced DNS Control
  • Free Domain Privacy Protection
  • Domain Locking & Forwarding Features
  • Free Email Address, Forwarding options
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Free 24x7/365 premium support

Note: We have domain names available for the audience of several countries. In addition, when you buy a commercial domain, we also provide you a network or organizational domain for a lesser cost.

Why Choose Our Domain Registration?

Trusted provider

We have gained the trust of multiple customers who are happy with our service and we hold the majority of the customer base because of creating ease in domain purchase. We have the largest domain database with us, and this will let you not miss the opportunity to establish your business online by choosing a perfect domain name safely and reliably.

Wide range of domain names

Our domain search engine has the capability of fetching your preferred domain name from any corner of the web and so, we make sure that you get what you want. We are sure that you will definitely do not find a place than us for domain registration of your preferred choice. You get any type of domain as you wish irrespective of any country.

Fabulous support

We have a bunch of wonderful teams to support you at any time during a domain purchase. You can contact our smart and amiable team who are ready to help you right from choosing the right domain till registration and other related services.

Tips for choosing the right domain name

You may think that choosing domain names is not a difficult task or it is something that we need a domain name for developing and publishing a website. But there are certain characteristics that you need to consider before choosing or purchasing a domain.

Shorter domain names

Shorter domain names always have a recall value and are easy to remember or pronounce as well. Hence, many people prefer purchasing .com or .in domains and it becomes difficult for such domains to become available. So, it is advisable to choose a domain name less than 10 characters.

Domain branding

Your target audience should remember the domain name that you prefer, and it should turn out as a brand such that without searching the domain name, it should be easily spelled out by users and get access to your website. So, make sure that your domain name becomes the preferred name of Internet users such that it becomes popular as well.

No complexity

Name your domain with easy and simple words to remember. Depending on your target audience and geographic location, choose the domain name which is understandable by others. Do not prefer to keep foreign names in domains as people will not go and search for meanings of domain names unless they are technically savvy.

Business essence

Your domain should explain what your business is so that it spreads the brand name accordingly. It should be derived in a way that your target audience should immediately remember your domain name when it comes to buying a product or service of your business type. Visitors should never get confused with your domain names. Hence, make it relevant.

Avoid special characters

Your domain should not include any hyphens or numbers as it creates confusion among the target audience. In general, these domain names can be available for a cheaper cost but it leads to confusion to your visitors and there are high possibilities that you may lose your business.

Themed names

Create an ideal name for your domain so that when visitors visit your website, the name should give clarity of what you do. Name your domain with a beautiful combination of letters so that visitors will have an opinion that they are in the right place.

Frequently asked questions

A domain name is required to present your business online in front of your audience to create a professional identity. Also, a domain name helps in protecting and safeguarding your brand in terms of copyrights and trademarks in a way of increasing the awareness of your brand and at the same time helps in maintaining the SEO ranking position as well.

You can search with us if a particular domain is available before purchase or there are several other websites available on Google to check domain name availability. You can also check on other websites and if available, you can check the availability of the same with us and proceed for purchase.

During your first purchase, you can opt for our auto-renew option, which will renew your domain name registration automatically during the due date of renewal.

We will provide you a dedicated IP address in the combination of numbers which will be configured in the later part when you decide to publish your developed domain.

Yes, you can definitely change your registered domain in case you are not happy with the performance of the domain name or yielding much business. For any help, you can get in touch with our customer support team furthermore. But we cannot take the prior one back and you only have to claim the ownership.

Yes, we provide you domain name registration if you host your website with us but only for the first year. Later in the renewal part, whatever the price that the domain name has during that stage, you will have to renew it at the same price.