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Node JS Hosting

Purchase cheapest Node JS hosting in India

eWebGuru offers the fastest and reliable Node JS hosting in India at a very reasonable price. Our Node JS hosting plans will help you run Java-based applications easily and effortlessly. Nowhere, you can get such a hosting service similar to the services we provide with features including easy application installation, tools, quick setup and customer support. 

Undoubtedly, we offer the best Node JS hosting plans with stringent security to the server with an efficient control panel for you to handle efficiently any task related to your Node JS hosting server. 

What is Node JS hosting?

Node JS acts as an interpreter for Java-based applications and provides an environment for JavaScript with user-specific libraries. It runs of a JavaScript engine which is built by an engineer of Google, in real to support with server-side responses for web requests hosted through Node JS, but it does not serve as a server-side scripting language. It chooses a designated port to implement Node JS code as an independent fully functional server of its own.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Node JS hosting?


Simplified hosting

Node JS supports, to those web companies who want to identify and develop new features in web designing and development, in providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services that reduce organizations’ burden of maintaining a single order.


Easy sharing

Node JS hosting provides powering nearness using the Node package manager (NPM) by publishing it. It maintains more than 50,000 bundles of the storehouse that help the web designers to prep required provisions before initiating the project. These bundles are instantly-usable resources that web designers can effectively make use of.


Developing a real-time application

If your business is into developing games or messaging apps, then using Node JS hosting in real-time application development, is a wonderful boon. If you are looking for an event-based and unblocking server, then the real-time web applications built on Node JS hosting is the best answer.


Single codebases

With Node JS hosting, you can easily transfer data between the server and client for extensive synchronization. Also, you can maintain uniformity in coding by executing a similar code between the server and the client. This will definitely help your Node JS developers with sufficient knowledge and becomes an ideal choice.


Data streaming

Any successful product development requires efficient handling of I/O devices associated with the web frameworks that consider HTTP0 requests and responses, it becomes tough when the whole data is objected, and it becomes tough on developers. Node JS is good at handling such issues and reading, writing of stream to Web sockets makes it easy to handle HTTP in a very easy manner compared to that of others.



Node JS is fully loaded with V8 engines created by Google, and so it compiles JavaScript into a native machine code that lets you run the applications associated with it very fast. Hence, Node JS can speed up any type of framework and businesses if looking forward to hiring Node JS developers, it is worthwhile to hire, as with continuous development of your website using Node JS leads to higher response time than any other web server hosting.

Why choose eWebGuru for Node JS hosting?

Fastest servers

Node JS hosting naturally tends working fast in a high-paced environment. We, at eWebGuru, provide up to 20 times faster servers to combine along with the speed of the Node JS platform.

Incredible support

Our team is well-equipped with required expertise on Node JS hosting and they can support you with instant solutions for any type of query related to your Node JS hosting. We have the best customer support team that can handle both technically and non-technically of all customer queries effortlessly and offer instantaneous solutions to your hosting-related queries.

Free account transfers

You can anytime transfer your existing server from your existing service provider to us for no cost. Moreover, you can change your plan type after migration and will pay only for the additional or modified service or plan that you choose.

Easy money-back guarantee

Node JS hosting has got a very good response from our customers’ end and until now, there are no customers who approached us for money-back. If at all you are not happy with our service or product, you can request a money-back option and after proper validation, we will refund your money after 30 days of service effective data.

Uptime commitment

We guarantee you a server uptime of 99.9% wherein due to Node JS being the fastest platform that boosts web frameworks in a manner that you would not have expected. This will ensure a reduced bounce rate of visitors due to downtime.

List of Top Features You can Avail from eWebGuru’s Node Js Hosting

GIT Integration
Automatic Scalability
Persistent Filesystem
Pre-Installed Package & Process Manager
Full Access to Hosting Infrastructure
Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Frequently asked questions

No, you do not require any individual or supportive application to run Node JS hosting. All you have to do is to check with us if your setup has the required configuration to install and run Node JS hosting. This will be handled by our technical support before you tend to make a purchase with us so that there will not be any confusion in the later part.

You can contact our customer support on the Toll-free number provided or write to us with your requirements so that we will revert to you either through call or email with a suitable plan for your business type.

Yes, we do refund your money in case of an unsatisfactory service after 30 days from the effective date of purchase. The process is so simple. We would request you to call our customer support and raise a complaint with the reasons as to why you are not happy with our service. In case there is something that we can rectify from our end and if it convinces you, then you can retain the service with us. Otherwise, we will perform validation of your request and then initiate a refund if the reason that you have stated is a justified one.

No, you need not purchase anything except the Node JS hosting server from us. PaaS is an inbuilt service and Node JS hosting runs on this cloud-based interface and so, it comes by default.